About Us

We are a small team of friendly hands-on security humans who want to do the right things, for the right reasons.

We’re obsessed with helping leaders increase security maturity and do that through helping them develop a clearer vision, build disruptive thinking and breaking down silos.

About Us

Independent & Agile

We have kept ourselves small because we love what we do and want to keep it that way. We love the autonomy of being vendor agnostic and having the customer’s interest at heart. 

We love empowering you to make bold strategic decisions whilst giving you the support to be confident you’re managing risk to best interests of your company. 

We keep our offerings simple because we want to offer you something that’s truly tailored to your unique situation. 



Our Story & Mission

Adrian Taylor built this organisation in 2018 as he wanted to bring together highly-skilled cyber security professionals with organisations that wanted something more agile than larger consultancies.

The name ‘Bluecap’ actually comes from English folklore – it is a mythical being that inhabits mines and appears as a small blue flame.

When miners befriended them, the Bluecaps lead them to rich deposits of minerals and steered them away from potential cave-ins.

They were hard workers and would not accept any more or less than they were owed.


This is our very mission – we want to help leaders navigate through the complex maze of modern security and help them avoid potential cave-ins en route to their vision.


We currently have no vendor or partner associations and all knowledge we share is based on our own experience in the field.

Sustainable Change

We look far beyond typical ‘implementation’ milestones. We help your teams consider the culture & behavioural aspects that support the long-term success of projects. 

Cloud & API First

Our team believes that operational & tooling security strategies need to align by the ability of capabilities to seamless integrate with the wider ecosystem.

Optimise & Automate before Procure

Our team have encountered too many mis-configured installations of common security tools. We will always start here, giving you quick wins before even considering a costly change in capability. 

Where we add real value


Helping you develop a clearer vision for your team and ensuring it dovetails with that of your wider business & technology ecosystem.


Our creative workshops bring your team a different perspective to their projects -growing innovative thinking and creative problem solving at its core. 


We empower your leaders to creatively overcome their challenges, building confidence & skills that grow a coaching culture in your organisation. 


Our network of SMEs work alongside your team in the design & delivery of projects across SOC, DevSecOps, EDR, DFIR and much more. 


We will integrate & automate your processes, ensuring technological & operational efficiencies are gained. 


We help organisations reduce their security TCO by building a zero-based budgeting tool that will model various cost scenarios.  

If this sounds of interest then please drop us a line to discuss further. We'd love to hear from you.

What Our Clients Say

Systems Engineering – Team Development & Coaching

One of those stellar individuals that not only grasps the complex concepts of Security Operations and Incident Response, and how each team member plays a part in detecting, responding and investigating breaches; he also possesses that rare skill of being able to articulate it to any audience level. He quickly gains the trust of his audience and peers and was a go-to team member. Without him, we could not have built out the Group to the highly efficient and knowledgeable team it became.

Head of Global Solution Engineering

Gaining Control

I feel more in control of the business (despite current events), and am getting better at getting back on track – tho this is a journey not a destination for someone like me who has lots of ideas and not that much time!
I would thoroughly recommend Adrian as a business strategy coach, and can’t state strongly enough how important strategy coaching is.

Overload to Positive Action

The outcome for me personally is I have more control of my time, and worry less about the things I can’t control, or put in strategies which I (try!) and constantly review,
Adrian has talked me down from confusion and info-overload to positive action and implementing those plans on more than one occasion.

Managing Director

Consulting – HM Government Client

I worked with Adrian and was struck by his professionalism, deep knowledge of his craft, and deep engagement with the specific needs of my organisation and my team. He went the extra mile to tailor his approach, challenge our assumptions, and explain the benefits of adopting alternative ideas. And he did this with great personal charm. A very good guy to work with and if you get the chance to do so, do so!

Head of Digital Transformation

Executive Coaching

Adrian has a unique ability to coax out the areas you never knew needed help.  His inviting style to be yourself and dig deeper into the issues you may have in terms of your business is amazing.  As we continue our journey on this coaching path together, I am learning new things about my fears, inhibitions and what is holding me back from being the best person I can be.  We have generated a phrase together that succinctly describes the outcomes I am looking for, “The Confidence to be Authentic”, and this have become the way I now approach my business challenges and indeed the challenges I have in life too. I cannot recommend Adrian highly enough and should you choose to become a coachee, then it will be one of the best moves you have made


Leadership Coaching

Adrian creates a digital space that makes it easy to get into real depth on a subject. This isn’t always easy to do remotely but Adrian’s kind and considered approach makes it easy to discuss the tougher aspects of personal reflection and development, meaning real impact and movement on goals can occur much more quickly than they may otherwise occur.

Head of Security

Coaching for Focus

I have found that Adrian was able to encourage me to focus on all of those big, important tasks that get lost in the day to day – I was definitely plate spinning at the first session – but putting things down on paper from my head (this is the difference with coaching) and then using various iterative analysis tools (which I still use) made things clearer.

Operations Director

Incident Response, EDR & Cloud Monitoring

Adrian and his team have been instrumental in our successful delivery of multiple, complex projects in very short timescales. In the space of under a year, BlueCap worked as true partners at strategic, operational and tactical level. They led a complex EDR implementation project from design to operationalisation across a multi-national, federated environment and built a TCO model that justified capex and opex across all projects during a ‘zero-base’ budget season. His team delivered technical excellence in everything from building API integrations, to coding detections in AWS – all of which accelerated our SOC automation roadmap beyond expectations.

Head of Security Operations & Innovation

Consultant Feedback – Advanced Malware Solutions

One of those rare professionals that can straddle between both technical and business lead conversations that allow him to traverse all areas within the enterprise. With a deep understanding of the client environment and the associated challenges, he is able to translate the right technical solutions to the business problem trying to be solved leaving him with the rare ability to deliver a true consultative approach. In addition to this he is a genuinely nice person who I trust and respect greatly and would gladly work with him again.

Head of UK & I Sales