Leadership & Executive Coaching

Coaching allows leaders to creatively explore the challenges they face in their lives. 

It builds leaders who are more resourceful, resilient, effective and flexible.

Our coaches are experienced senior leaders in the cyber security world so offer domain expertise as well as the support you need. 

About Us

What is Coaching?

It’s an exploratory and creative conversation between a coach and a coachee with a view to a supporting a particular outcome.  

In executive coaching this relationship involves a coachee / client who has a strategic responsibility, operating an executive or senior management capacity.


  • If offers an opportunity to step back and reflect, to help you see things from different perspectives. 
  • It uses thought-provoking questions & tools that allow you to focus on the why, what and how of leading and clarify the key actions and decisions you want to take.
  • It enables you to change and improve key leadership behaviours and have both the confidence and motivation to implement new ideas and take difficult actions.



Coaching Format

We work in partnership with you to help you identify your goals, and what’s really important to you. We then build a program of personalised 1-2-1 sessions that use a blend of modern coaching and mindfulness techniques to help you achieve your goals. The number of sessions is dependent on the complexity & time-frames of your goals.

During each session, we enable you to observe and reflect on your own experiences and the conditions in your organisation and wider system. You will get a clearer focus on developing yourself, your relationships, and your performance as an authentic leader.

Our philosophy is based on enhancing self-awareness and self-responsibility, which are the foundations of healthy leadership. 

We inspire you to respond creatively to the challenging and incisive questions we ask and empower you with tools you can use in your work. 

This usually results in lasting change based on personal choice and at the behavioural level.

We Empower You

Leadership style

Developing healthy leadership styles and inclusive, empathic communication skills. Exploring how these affect the culture of the whole team & organisation.


Linking personal integrity to business challenges.


Discovering personal meaning & purpose in your working life.

Letting go of limiting self-beleifs

Offering scrutiny & challenge around your choices and help you to identify and let go of limiting self-beliefs.

Our Coaching Packages



Ideal for occasional, abnormal situations that would benefit from a confidential discussion: 

  • Remotely delivered
  • 1-2-1 session
  • Single 2 hour session

3-Month Program

An exclusive 1-2-1 coaching package tailored to helping you achieve your goals:

  • Bespoke coaching program 
  • 2 x 90 minute coaching calls per month
  • Self-study exercises & reading list
  • Goal accountability support
  • Direct access to ad-hoc coaching advice via phone & WhatsApp

Longer-term, exclusive

Available to graduates of the 3-month program, offering follow-up coaching services:

  • Long-term development plan
  • 6 month or 12 month discounts
  • Monthly calls
  • Goal accountability support
  • Direct access to ad-hoc coaching advice via phone & WhatsApp

Book a FREE Experiential Conversation 

There is no better way to understand the power of Coaching than to experience it first hand.


Come and have a free hour long coaching call where you actually get to work through a challenge and experience some of our coaching techniques as you would in any other session. 


 Try coaching, with absolutely no obligation.

What Our Clients Say

Leadership Coaching

Adrian creates a digital space that makes it easy to get into real depth on a subject. This isn’t always easy to do remotely but Adrian’s kind and considered approach makes it easy to discuss the tougher aspects of personal reflection and development, meaning real impact and movement on goals can occur much more quickly than they may otherwise occur.

Head of Security

Overload to Positive Action

The outcome for me personally is I have more control of my time, and worry less about the things I can’t control, or put in strategies which I (try!) and constantly review,
Adrian has talked me down from confusion and info-overload to positive action and implementing those plans on more than one occasion.

Managing Director

Gaining Control

I feel more in control of the business (despite current events), and am getting better at getting back on track – tho this is a journey not a destination for someone like me who has lots of ideas and not that much time!
I would thoroughly recommend Adrian as a business strategy coach, and can’t state strongly enough how important strategy coaching is.

If this sounds of interest, then please drop us a line to discuss further. We'd love to hear from you.