About Us

Learn about our journey as cyber security professionals, our passion for helping teams overcome challenges, and our commitment to combining technical expertise with human-centered approaches.


About Us

Human-Centred Geekiness

While most firms focus solely on technical solutions, we bring empathy and a human touch to building cyber security teams. Our approach resonates with both technical and non-technical audiences, bridging the gap between people and technology across the business.

We are a small team of friendly hands-on cyber security humans who want to do the right things, for the right reasons.

We’re passionate about helping leaders increase resilience, empathy and problem-solving skills.


Our Story

BlueCap was founded in 2018 by Adrian Taylor when he realised he wanted the flexibility to work on fresh and interesting client projects. He had worked in large-scale cyber security programmes but was keen to have the freedom to innovate and be a challenger.

He wanted to create something a little different.

Across the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, Adrian built up a name for himself by sharing his mindfulness techniques in a pretty tense pandemic world.

During this time he was studying to become an Executive & Leadership coach, which is where he came across some powerful tools such as the Lego Coaching.

He noticed that whilst people were starting to talk more about human-centred security they were often referring to how security teams treated users, but not how we operated within our own teams.

Cyber security projects are often not as successful as they can be, often because we oversee some important stakeholder, or get in the way of the operation of the business, rather than secure it.

And this is where we noticed the gap – we were not talking enough about building resilience within cyber security teams. There was not enough discussion about raising the emotional intelligence within the team.

And this is where we are today – developing a range of innovative and unique services to support cyber security teams grow their emotional intelligence. By doing so we can truly gain empathy with the businesses we protest and align ourselves properly by their side.

Interesting Fact

Our Name – ‘Bluecap’

The name ‘Bluecap’ actually comes from English folklore – it is a mythical being that inhabits mines and appears as a small blue flame. When miners befriended them, the Bluecaps would lead the miners to rich deposits of minerals and steered them away from potential cave-ins.

They were hard workers and would not accept any more or less than they were owed.

So we thought that was a fitting name for our company. We’re hard working and want to help leaders navigate through the complex maze of modern cyber security.

We’re on a mission to help teams avoid potential challenges en-route to their vision.


Our Difference

Innovative Coaching

We’re not your average consulting firm. Our coaching methods, such as using Lego and radical candour, provide an engaging and memorable experience that fosters lasting change.

Fresh and Challenging

We pride ourselves on being contemporary and forward-thinking, embracing new ideas and challenging the status quo in cyber security.

Empathy Hacking

Our tactical empathy approach helps clients better understand and appreciate the needs of their stakeholders, allowing them to navigate complex projects and relationships with ease.

Sustainable Change

We look far beyond typical ‘implementation’ milestones. We help your teams consider the culture & behavioural aspects that support the long-term success of projects.

Optimise & Automate before Procure

Our team have encountered too many mis-configured installations of common security tools. We will always start here, giving you quick wins before even considering a costly change in capability. 

Experience the BlueCap difference for yourself

Discover a fresh, innovative, and human-centred approach to cyber security consulting that drives success for your organization.

Collaboration Opportunities

Partner with us?

At BlueCap, we understand the power of collaboration and believe that great things can be achieved by joining forces. We’re always eager to connect with like-minded organizations, technology providers, and industry experts who share our commitment to innovation and empathetic cyber security solutions. 

Who We’re Looking to Partner With:

  • Technology Providers: If you offer cutting-edge cyber security tools or solutions that align with our values, we’d love to explore partnership opportunities.
  • Consulting Firms: Are you a consulting firm with complementary expertise or services? Let’s discuss how we can work together to create value for our clients.
  • Educational Institutions: We’re passionate about nurturing the next generation of cyber security professionals. If you represent an educational institution, let’s collaborate on training programs and knowledge-sharing initiatives.
  • Industry Associations & Networks: As a part of the cyber security community, we value opportunities to engage with industry associations and networks for mutual growth and knowledge exchange.

Ready to explore a partnership with Bluecap? Get in touch with us today, and let’s start building a brighter future together.